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Internet + intellectual property services under the tide of electricity: is a passer-by or future winners?
Time : 2015/5/25    Clicks : 1127

When the strong wind swept through, "Internet +" intellectual property agency services on the wind. Blended, cicadas, fast, patent baba, wisdom island... The spring up of intellectual property service electrical contractor, is using a new service mode, are taken quite a storm in the industry.

They are full of creative passion and efforts to break the traditional service mode of the "evil", explore the use of the Internet, thinking to provide more quality services, and firmly believe that under the spring tide of the Internet, the traditional service pattern will change. Profit model is not yet clear, however, the future business model also unclear, "Internet +" intellectual property service electrical contractor, under the tide of passers-by or future winners, it remains to be the market test.

Compete to enter Each with a "secret weapon"

If 2014 is intellectual property service electrical contractor bud, then in 2015, is a rapid development. Founded in March 2014, known as blended; In December, fast running with wisdom. In 2015 the national intellectual property during the week, intellectual property service electrical contractor is more intensive, patent baba, know master, the new right of cicadas, master has launched within a few days. Recently, the intelligent island also unveiled. They are racing to come on stage, but also shows its own "secret weapon".

Know blended set up earlier and has been developing rapidly, which provides free online trademark registration service, make it in A short span of more than 1 year attracted A large number of customers, the company size from five or six personal development to dozens of people, trademark DaiLiLiang also reached nearly 20000, recently received $3.7 million in A round of funding. Young master not only the weight of the launch of the free trade mark registration, also launched a free free trademark patent management and patent free monitoring, early warning and other services.

Focus on building together the applicant for a patent and the patent agency cicadas network of third-party platform, launched a patent application service system of cloud, the applicant may according to the system prompt, templates, etc., their complete patent application document writing. Applicant if find it hard to complete, cicadas network can also recommend the most appropriate for users intelligent patent agency. Intelligent island patent online is a gathering of applicant, patent agents, lawyers and other platform, through this platform, applicants are free to choose the right agent to provide services.

In addition, a fast wisdom also launched 15 days to submit the response of the instant service; Baba is launched online patent application, patent limited-time discount, etc.

Concept of diversity The development of forms

The reporter understands in the interview, although blended, cicadas network, fast wisdom master, rights are intellectual property services such as electricity, but there are a lot of on the development idea is different, the specific development form is also different.

Know si-si liu, chief executive of blended in view, the intellectual property rights is critical to the success of the service electricity future development idea, on whether to adopt open attitude. Intellectual property service electrical contractor only transparency, improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce prices, to meet the needs of users. "Know all blended trademark registration service process can be done online, as soon as both sides determine service registration can be completed on the day of submission." Si-si liu said in an interview with our reporter. And also provide free right to the trademark registration service master, positioning is done in trademark agency and the applicant a third party platform.

Different from known to provide whole process such as blended online services, quick service models involving online part of wisdom is little, more work is offline. "The Internet is thinking and tools, form of expression is not necessarily the web and APP. Patent agents need to face to face communication with customers, so the current fast wisdom put more energy on the combing offline service standardization, improve the user experience, the improvement of service quality, etc." Fast Zhu Guqun, chief executive of wisdom of our reporter said.

Cicadas net is another pattern: on the third party service platform. "Patent agency industry is not moving the traditional service mode from offline to online, or pure offline mode into O2O (online e-commerce) model can, but need to consider the construction of the ecological system. At present, how to change the user ideas, I think it's in the busy background should solve the problem. In the future, intellectual property service electrical contractor win the key to success is the user." Cicadas net head hua-bing liu said.

Profit in business model is unknown

Intellectual property service electrical contractor for various "attractive" conditions, attracted widespread attention, and some users have started trying to use these new services. But the problem is an unavoidable, launch services in in full swing at the same time, the intellectual property service electrical contractor is difficult to achieve profitability. The reporter understands in the interview, at present, blended, cicadas network master, the faster the wisdom, power and so on all is not profit, profit model is still in exploration.

But these entrepreneurs with confidence. "Intellectual property service the development of the electricity is still in the exploratory stage, along with the increase in users, the development prospects of the future will be very broad, there will be a lot of profit. At present, we're not thinking about the profit." Right ChaoYangFei, founder of the master of our reporter said. ChaoYangFei this view is representative, the reporter interviewed several intellectual property services, head of the electric business platform.

Worry is not a little all have no, of course. "Strong professional intellectual property service, industry relatively closed, via the Internet pattern breakthrough, it is difficult in the short term, whether the patent agency or users, require a longer time to cognitive. Before the demand side and service side of cognition has not changed, it is too early to talk about profit model, business model may. Intellectual property service electrical contractor is passing through or future winners, it is hard to say." Hua-bing liu said.

Not only that, but in hua-bing liu's view, the future of intellectual property services more electricity, is bound to have a competition, is not only the traditional patent agency and electronic business competition, there will be competition between electric business. "Free today, maybe tomorrow have to send the money, and the question of how much to send money and send. What is your platform advantage, is to consider clear." Hua-bing liu said.